Group Life Insurance

Nearly seven in 10 U.S. workers across all generations believe having a life insurance benefit available to them at work is important. AUI offers a wide range of products to meet your workers’ various long-term needs.

At AUI, we can help you find affordable group life insurance policies to protect your team. We can tailor the right life insurance products and programs to take care of your employees.

AUI’s Life Insurance Offerings Include:

Group life insurance products can be paid for by the employer, employee, or a combination of both, and products can also be purchased directly or through a payroll deduction.

AUI has access to many life insurance carriers, so you can rest assured that we can find the right policy for you or your employees.

Types of Life Insurance Policies for Small Businesses:

Term Life Insurance

Coverage for a specific period. Financial protection for life insurance beneficiaries if the insured passes away during that period.

Whole Life Insurance

Lifelong coverage, with a life insurance investment component that accumulates cash value over time.

Return of Premium Life Insurance

A refund of the total premiums paid if the insured person survives the life insurance policy term. This combines the benefits of life insurance coverage with long-term savings.


A regular income stream in retirement, ensuring long-term financial stability. Typically purchased with a lump sum or through periodic payments.

Why is Life Insurance Important?

Giving your employees peace of mind that their family will have some financial stability in the wake of a tragedy can help strengthen your overall voluntary benefits plan. Six in 10 U.S. workers indicate losing life insurance through their employer would have a negative impact on them and their families.

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