Dental Insurance

Many individuals in Ohio obtain dental insurance through their employers. However, often the employer’s offering may not have a plan that includes your preferred dentist. That is where AUI can help. Our brokers assist in searching for dental insurance in Ohio. We consider factors such as coverage, cost, network of dentists, and any waiting periods or limitations of coverage.

Employer Dental Insurance Plans:

Dental insurance can ease the financial burden of dental care for your employees. While dental insurance is a voluntary benefit, it is often one of the most sought after by employees. AUI can help you find the most comprehensive dental insurance plans. Extend your small business benefit package with dental coverage.

Ohio Dental Insurance Options for Small Businesses Include:

PPO Network Plans

Offer lower out-of-pocket costs for a network of dental specialists plus flexible coverage for dental providers outside of the PPO network.

Managed Care Plans (HMO)

Offer cost-effective coverage through in-network dentists, emphasizing preventive care with a fixed monthly premium.

Dental Discount or Dental Savings Plans

Charge an annual or monthly fee to gain access to a network of dentists who offer discounted rates, providing an alternative option for individuals without traditional dental insurance.

Managed Fee-for-Service Plans

Operate on a fee-for-service basis, where individuals pay for dental services out of pocket and are later reimbursed based on a predetermined fee schedule.

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