What if I Don’t Like My Agent? How Can I Make a Change?

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Do you ever feel like your health insurance agent doesn’t care about you? Like you’re on your own with nowhere to turn despite having an agent? Health insurance can be confusing and overwhelming. That’s exactly why you might need guidance and support. Needing and desiring that support is normal and more than okay. That’s what agents are for! If you’re not receiving this guidance and support, you most likely won’t like your insurance agent. It’s hard to like someone who you feel does little to nothing to help you. 

Choosing the right insurance plan helps put your mind at ease. Choosing the right insurance agent alongside that plan is important too. Good agents are there to make the process simple and easy for you. They’re also there to continue helping after the fact. Finding a good agent will give you peace of mind and make you feel at ease when it comes to health insurance. If they’re not, what should you do?

Why Don’t I Like My Agent?

If you dislike your agent, it’s most likely because you feel like they don’t care about you. You may have felt different during the initial sale, but now you’re feeling neglected in a sense. People oftentimes dislike their agent because they have no relationship with them. They may have been more social and energetic when they were selling you a policy. They most likely were because it’s their job to sell you that policy. Now that you have the policy, things have changed. They’ve stopped reaching out. They’re not being attentive, and you feel like you’re in a one-sided relationship now. Do you feel this way?

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When you buy a health insurance policy from a person, their pay comes from the insurance provider. Often, they are not paid to help you after the sale. In circumstances like this, customer service can become difficult. Communication with your agent, in general, can become difficult. If there’s no communication or they’re difficult to reach, you may feel like you’re on your own. Some agents only reach out at renewal time instead of checking in on you. It’ll have you questioning why you even have an agent if you’re not receiving the help or answers you need. 

If your agent doesn’t take the time to get to know you and your needs, how can you trust them to help choose the plan best for you? If they’re only putting up a front and pretending to care to get a sale, it’s a gimmick. Good agents wouldn’t do this to you. If they’re not taking time to weigh out options and explain them, they don’t care about your best interest. If it appears that they care more about selling you a policy as quickly as possible, it’s most likely true. Their commission comes from a sale, not from finding you a policy that matches your needs and desires. Agents who act this way are untrustworthy. Untrustworthy agents are unlikeable. It’s hard to like someone who cares more about making sales than building a relationship with you. You shouldn’t be stuck with someone like that.

Sale Vs. Account Management

We can compare insurance agents to salespeople and account managers. Try looking at it like this. Most people know what it is a salesperson does and what their role is. A sales rep is typically responsible for prospecting to find new clients and meeting their sales quotas by converting prospects into buying customers. In contrast; we have account managers. This is a post-sale position. After a sale, an account manager continues to build a strategic relationship with the customer—ensuring they’re achieving the highest level of satisfaction and advising them on long-term growth strategies. Account managers keep customer service and customer success top of mind. 

A bad health insurance agent is a salesperson. They’re ONLY a salesperson. They seem enthusiastic and excited when they first meet you because they’re trying to sell you on a policy. They know what to say to drive a sale, but after that sale has taken place, they fade out. The check-ins and communication stops. They begin to only check in during renewal time. This is because they have the potential to try and get another sale during renewal time. They found you, sold you on a plan, and met their sales quota. Their job stops there. 

A good health insurance agent is also a salesperson. What sets them apart is the fact that they’re not only a sales rep. A good agent will act as both a salesperson and an account manager. An agent who cares for you will go above and beyond to keep you satisfied, and they’ll check in so they know they’re doing so. They build a relationship with you. They help you through the selection process and find you a plan that fits. They’re also there to help you answer any questions and check in on you, not only during the sale but after. 

What Your Agent Should Be Doing for You

As we already mentioned, good agents go above and beyond. If you don’t like your agent, there’s most likely a good reason why. People value agents who value them. 

good agent will:

  • Shop The Market- Your agent should look for plans that make sense for your budget and your goals. Aside from this, your agent should work to negotiate your benefits at renewal. They should look for competitive data and find you the best plan for the best rate.
  • Help Put Your Plan in Motion- A good agent will hold your hand through decision-making. Not only decision-making but also implementation. They will help you put your plan into motion. From shopping the market, through enrollment, they should offer answers to any questions. They should also help you navigate if issues arise. Having an agent that can support you through a transition is necessary.
  • Check-In- They won’t only show up when it’s time for renewal. They will check in throughout the year to discuss your plan and any questions you may have. Your needs are always changing. It’s important to have a dedicated person to handle the twists and turns of life. You won’t feel like an inconvenience for reaching out to them. 

If your agent isn’t doing these things for you, it might be time to make a change. 

Making A Change and Finding an Agent Who Cares About You

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No one deserves to suffer through having a bad insurance agent. The thought of making a change can be scary, especially when you’re not sure where to look to find a new agent. It’s hard to know who the good ones are vs. who the bad ones are. 

Our clients know we’re one of the good ones. We want you to know too. We have experienced agents. Our agents dedicate time to negotiating rates and finding the best plan for your needs. We take the time to build relationships with you as clients. Learning about you and your needs is one of the best ways our agents can help find the right type of plan for you. Our health clients receive regular phone calls from their dedicated customer care team, monthly education from AUI University and our compliance officer, and a detailed and thorough renewal process. Insurance can feel confusing and overwhelming. When you have the right team of experts to help you through the process, it’s easy. 

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