With warmer weather approaching, the time for summer clothing has arrived. While fashion and dress is a way that many people express themselves and their unique personalities, sometimes the workplace is not an appropriate place for certain clothing styles.

Because of this, every employer should put together a carefully drafted dress code policy. This policy should not violate discrimination laws but should clearly define what is considered “appropriate attire for the workplace.”

With the changing season, it’s the perfect time to proactively communicate your organization’s dress code expectations.

Reviewing Your Dress Code

Remember, your policy should be designed to fulfill your business needs by applying some uniformity, while not infringing on the civil rights of your employees. Keep the following in mind:

  • Make sure your policy has a basis in social customs and doesn’t significantly differentiate the standards for men and women.
  • Apply consistent discipline for dress code violations across all employees.
  • Be extremely specific about what type of dress is permitted.
  • Explain how your policy matches the company’s culture and image.
  • Apply the dress code fairly to all employees at your organization.

For More Information

If you would like additional information regarding dress code policies or employee communications, please contact us.