AUI Pharmacy Program: A Solution to High Prescription Costs

Did you know that one in five Americans take risks with their health due to the cost of their prescription medications?  As a result, some do not fill a prescription, while others skip doses or take expired medication.  As costs for prescriptions continue to rise, the concern for being able to afford the medications necessary […]

Surviving ACA: Self Funding Advantages

This blog series is a supplement to our webinar on Tuesday, September 1.  If you would like to register for our free webinar, please click here.  In addition, you can get more in depth information by contacting the webinar presenter, Brenda Basso who is one of our AUI experts. A self-funded group health plan is one […]

Surviving ACA: Reasons for Seeking Self Funding Options

This series is written as a supplement to our free webinar to be held on Tuesday, September 1.  You can register for our webinar by clicking here. In today’s business climate, managers need befits solutions as resourceful and cutting-edge as the organizations they run.  For many employers, prepackaged fully insured health plans do not provide […]