Can You Create Your Own Group for Health Insurance?

Can You Create Your Own Group for Health Insurance?

  For small businesses offering competitive health care plans, it is often overwhelming. If you have less than 50 employees, by law you’re not required to provide health insurance for them. It is the number one benefit employees look for in a company though. 85% of small business employees say that health benefits impact their […]

MEWA: A Solution to ACA Uncertainty

There is no doubt that the next year is going to bring a great deal of uncertainty surrounding the Affordable Care Act.  Fortunately, at AUI we have a solution!  Multiple Employer Welfare Arrangements (MEWA) are enabling small businesses to avoid the costly rating structure and the current uncertainty of ACA. A MEWA allows a group […]

Alternative Benefits: MEWA

As insurance costs continue to rise, small employers are looking for ways to maintain benefits.  In response to the ACA’s changes some insurance carriers and member organizations are offering alternatives to the ACA marketplace in the form of MEWAs. MEWA stands for multiple employer welfare arrangement.  In a MEWA employers with a common interest or […]