Do You Keep Your Employee Handbook Up to Date?

Employee handbooks provide important company information that is valuable to both new and seasoned employees, ensure that all individuals are treated consistently with regard to company policies and procedures, and can protect the company from potential lawsuits. An effective handbook is thorough, up to date, legally compliant, readily available and easy to understand. However, unless […]

Handbook 101: Sections

A well-designed employee handbook is an invaluable asset for a company to have. It can provide a communication gateway between management and employees concerning employer expectations, policies and company background. In addition, a handbook provides a consistent guide for individuals to follow, minimizing discrimination and favoritism claims. Beyond that, the document is evidence, in the […]

Handbook 101: Common Legal Mistakes

Your employee handbook is an important document. Not only does it help employees understand company policies, promote solid company-employee communication and set a consistent standard of expectations, but it can also have serious legal ramifications. In many employment lawsuits, your handbook will be a key piece of evidence that can either protect your company or […]

Handbook 101: Designing Your Employee Handbook

Setting your organization up for a successful 2016 begins with making sure your HR house is in order.  That is why we are tackling an important issue this month on our blog: the employee handbook. An employee handbook is an easy way to transmit important information to employees in a comprehensive manner. Employee handbooks provide […]