What is the AUI Pharmacy Program?

What is the AUI Pharmacy Program?

AUI has been sharing the news about our pharmacy program since April of this year, but we are still receiving a great deal of skepticism and questions about how the program works.  So we are taking some time today on the blog to talk to you about our program. What is the AUI Pharmacy Program? […]

AUI Pharmacy Program: Lowering Prescription Costs for Group Employer Plans

According to a recent study by the Kaiser Family Foundation, roughly 19% of health insurance spending by employers is directly related to prescription medications.  As copays and deductibles continue to rise, employees are continuing to feel pressure.  In addition, employers are seeing premiums increase as a result of prescription utilization.  AUI has listened to feedback from […]

AUI Pharmacy Program: A Solution to High Prescription Costs

Did you know that one in five Americans take risks with their health due to the cost of their prescription medications?  As a result, some do not fill a prescription, while others skip doses or take expired medication.  As costs for prescriptions continue to rise, the concern for being able to afford the medications necessary […]

Learn About the AUI Pharmacy Program

We will be presenting a free webinar on Tuesday, June 7 at 10:30 outlining our Pharmacy Program. This program is no added cost or time to employers but may help employees pay for high cost prescriptions. Space is limited so please reserve your spot today!  You can register by clicking here.