Self-Funding 101: Level Funding

If you like the idea of self-funding but want a stable payment option level funding just might be your ideal fit.  Level funding can aid employers in their health coverage budgeting efforts. With level funding, employers pay a set amount each month to a carrier. This amount typically includes the cost of administrative and other […]

Self-Funding 101: Captives

Creating an employee benefits package that can attract and retain employees while still controlling costs is a growing challenge for employers.  As a result, employers are looking at alternative benefits as a way to script benefits and control overall costs.  Because of this, many employers have opted to cut out insurance carriers and instead fund […]

AUI Offers Fortune Business Solutions PEO

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) enables small and mid-sized companies to outsource the management of Human Resource, Employee Benefits, Payroll and Workers’ Compensation in a cost-effective way. Working with a PEO allows companies to focus on their core competencies rather than complicated, time-consuming and non-revenue producing functions-to maintain and grow their bottom line.  To summarize […]

Alternative Benefits: PEO

This information is a supplement to our webinar on Alternative Benefits.  If you would like to know more about this webinar, please contact us here. Sometimes companies have trouble meeting their human resources needs, especially while also trying to increase profits. To assist in this area, many companies hire professional employer organizations (PEOs).  These organizations […]

Alternative Benefits: MEWA

As insurance costs continue to rise, small employers are looking for ways to maintain benefits.  In response to the ACA’s changes some insurance carriers and member organizations are offering alternatives to the ACA marketplace in the form of MEWAs. MEWA stands for multiple employer welfare arrangement.  In a MEWA employers with a common interest or […]

AUI Chosen to Distribute the OSMA Health Benefits Plan

We are excited to announce our selection by the Ohio State Medical Association and the Ohio State Medical Association (OSMA) Insurance Agency as a distributing agency for the OSMA Health Benefits Plan.  At AUI we work hard to find alternatives to the Affordable Care Act for our clients, and we are excited to announce this […]