Introduced in a June 2017 update, Snap Map allows users to share their exact location with friends within the Snapchat app. Snap Map gathers location data using a smartphone’s GPS sensor and displays the time of day an individual is at a specific location and his or her speed of travel. This information is shown on a map that can be accessed when a user first opens Snapchat and pinches the screen to zoom out.

While Snapchat users can choose to share their location with selected friends, any posts users share on Snapchat’s “Our Story” feature will appear on the global map regardless of their privacy or location settings.


Broadcasting one’s personal location might seem harmless, but there are potentially dangerous implications for your organization. Consider that many employees might use this feature in a way that compromises your business and take steps to mitigate this risk.

Inventory Protection

Employees shouldn’t use social media to post when they’re leaving for vacation, as this could leave their home vulnerable to robbery. The same risks are at play if employees use Snap Map to advertise their absence from work. Malicious individuals could seize the opportunity to steal or otherwise damage company property because they know it is unattended.

Company Perception

Employees who post on social media during business hours have tremendous control over your company’s reputation. Their thoughts and opinions are projected through the lens of the company, since they are on company—not personal—time. Even if employees do not mention your organization, their physical locations will be broadcast, offering that information anyway. Likewise, anywhere employees travel will be broadcast when they post, which could be compromising if they go to places that could make the company look bad.

Setting Expectations

Employees should be reminded of your company’s social media policy. Clearly lay out your organization’s expectations in the policy and communicate the potential dangers of this new social media feature.

User Tip

Share the following tip with employees or consider including it in your company’s social media policy.

  • Edit location settings. Click the gear icon in the Snapchat app. From there, scroll down to the “See My Location” tab and turn on “Ghost Mode.” This will prevent others from seeing your location.

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