We know there are changes coming to the FLSA overtime exemption rule, however, more may be on the horizon.  On July 14, Democrats in Congress proposed a bill that would affect the DOL’s recent FLSA overtime exemption rule changes.
The Overtime Reform and Enhancement Act (H.R. 5813) would increase the salary threshold in the following phases:

  • $35,984 by Dec. 1, 2016
  • $39,814 by Dec. 1, 2017
  • $43,645 by Dec. 1, 2018
  • $47,476 by Dec. 1, 2019

The bill is popular among those who view the new overtime rules as being too much, too soon. However, critics argue that the bill is detrimental to workers who have waited a long time to see an update to the salary threshold. Congress is expected to review the bill during its next session on Sept. 6, 2016.
H.R. 5813 would also eliminate the automatic salary threshold increases, which are set to occur every three years.