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UPDATE: After further review this individual appears to be a “finder” who deals with individuals who have registered unclaimed funds registered in the state of Ohio.  While you may choose to give your information to a third party to retrieve your funds, you also have the ability to retrieve these funds yourself without paying a recovery fee. You can reach out to the Ohio Department of Unclaimed Funds at 877-644-6825.

AUI still does not recommend you send sensitive information such as a copy of your driver’s license, W-2, or Social Security number through the mail to any unknown person or unverified organization.


At AUI we work hard to keep you up to date on important information about your benefits.  While some of you may not have coverage with Medical Mutual we felt it was important to bring this scam to your attention on our blog.

A company named Money Monitoring is sending letters to members telling them they have a refund due from Medical Mutual. The letter asks members to send copies of their driver’s license and W-2 form and asks for verification of their Social Security number. A return envelope is enclosed with the letter and is addressed to:

Claims Department 3801

Pegasus Drive, Suite 101

Bakersfield, CA  93308

Medical Mutual does NOT have any business with this organization.

According to MMO, three of their members have reported receiving letters. These members have told MMO that the letter mentions the name Paul Hashim and gives the phone number (661) 399-1108 to call with questions; however, members who have called this number have not been able to get through.

DO NOT send any personal information to Money Monitoring.

Please help get the word out by sharing this information with colleagues, friends, and family as this could impact anyone.  If you are concerned about identity theft AUI has products that can protect you and help restore order if your identity is stolen.  For more information on this product you can contact us by clicking here or calling 1-800-761-7665.

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