This week we are talking about five key issues you need to monitor in 2017.  Yesterday we talked about the Affordable Care Act and teaching your employees to be educated consumers.  Today we’re moving on to another key topic that is sure to keep some HR professionals up at night…

Employee Retention & Engagement

Employee retention and engagement is more difficult now than ever. With millennials projected to make up the dominant demographic of the workforce by 2020, employers need to rethink their company culture. To underscore the importance of fresh retention ideas, 44 percent of millennials say they would quit their jobs within two years if given the chance. Sixty percent say they wish to leave their current jobs by 2020. Now is the time to consider new retention and engagement initiatives.

AUI has a number of resources to help employers in their quest to engage and retain millennial employees as well as the upcoming generation Z.  We also have information on how to manage a multi-generational workforce.  To learn more about these resources, please contact us.