New administrations bring new challenges to the professional realm, and the Trump administration is no exception. Many of the former administration’s health care initiatives are being rolled back or halted. This leaves employers in an uncertain place in regard to compliance regulations and reform laws. This uncertainty comes in addition to the already complicated day-to-day tasks of an organization, leaving many feeling vulnerable.

This week we are covering five important issues that should be closely monitored in 2017.  The first is the unraveling of the ACA and ensuring employees are educated health care consumers.

A new administration is now in office and President Donald Trump is vowing to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The first wave of this dismantling came in an executive order that directs federal agencies to waive, delay or grant exemptions from ACA requirements that may impose a financial burden. Other measures are promised to come later in the year, and experts agree that the “wait and see” approach is best for employers until a clear directive is issued. This means employers should focus their energy on increasing employee health care knowledge in order to make employees more educated consumers. Health care consumerism will likely only increase under this administration, so focusing on employee education is a must.

As your partner, AUI works to monitor the ACA landscape for you.  We provide programs such as AUI Spring Cleaning, AUI University, and monthly webinars to keep you informed.  Our hand is always on the pulse of what is happening in ACA and we alert you when necessary.  AUI takes the worry out of your benefits and provides you with resources to help educate your employees.

To learn more about how we can help you or discuss healthcare consumer resource options with our compliance officer, please contact us!