AUI has been sharing the news about our pharmacy program since 2016, but we are still receiving a great deal of skepticism and questions about how the program works. So we are taking some time today on the blog to talk to you about our program. As your deductibles reset for the year, now is a great time to see if the AUI Pharmacy Program is the right fit for you and your family.

What is the AUI Pharmacy Program?

A program of over 1,500 name brand and high priced generic medications from over 850 U.S. based pharmaceutical manufacturers for only $30 per medication per month. The program is not insurance or a discount card. If you make under $30,000 for a single, $50,0000 for a couple, and add $10,000 per child until you reach $100,000 (in other words a family of seven) you qualify for this program. To see a list of covered medications and enroll in the program, click here.

Who does the AUI Pharmacy Program benefit?

The program benefits anyone taking a long term maintenance medication who income qualifies for the program. There is no age limit to the program and is open to all from infants to seniors.

How does the AUI Pharmacy Program work?

Once a person completes the initial intake application they are contacted by a care coordinator who works directly with the prescribing physician and the pharmaceutical company to get their prescriptions filled for the entire year. Customers pay for the service of having all of this care coordinated in their fee of $30 per medication per month.

Can an employer offer the program as a value added benefit?

Absolutely! There is no cost associated with the plan to the employer unless the employer chooses to reimburse for prescriptions; however, this is not a requirement of the program. Simply making your employees aware of this option is a great value added and allows your employees to know you are searching for cost saving alternatives.

How do I learn more or enroll?

Your AUI agent can provide you with more detailed information. We have also recorded a webinar with more in depth information! If you would like to enroll or see a list of medications, you can click here.