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As a business you have to consider many things. One important aspect is what kinds of benefits you need to offer to part-time and seasonal workers. It is proven that good benefits will keep your workforce happier. But before we can dive into different benefits your company can offer, we must go over a few things!In order for someone to qualify as a part-time employee, they must work less than 40 hours. Businesses usually need part-time workers for a little extra help. On the other hand, seasonal workers are still part-time employees.  However they only work during a busy season.

Why Are Employee Benefits Important…Even For Part-Time Workers?

The job market is currently favorable towards employees. So what exactly does this mean for businesses? In order to compete for the best employees, offering a range of benefits will set you apart. More often than not, part-time workers are usually offered great benefits. Its seasonal worker’s that are sometimes forgotten. However, this will hurt your business in the long term. Temporary workers make up a big part of the workforce. They eventually become permeant employees. In order to retain these employees for the long run, temporary workers should be offered employee benefits. We have now covered some important reasons why benefits are important. It is time to look what kind of benefits a company can offer to its part-time and seasonal workers.

Health Insurance

After the Affordable Care Act of 2010, more and more companies are offering health insurance benefits. Generally, federal and individual state laws determine if a company is required to offer health benefits.  As a company, you can offer health insurance benefits to remain competitive. When you do this, you show your employees you care about their well being.

These benefits include dental and vision coverage. It can also include life insurance, short-term disability, long-term disability, and more. The purpose of offering health insurance benefits is to keep workers healthy and happy. We all know that healthy employees are more productive employees.

Tuition Reimbursement

Tuition reimbursement benefits are another very helpful perk. This benefit can help employees advance their careers and professional skills. In today’s tech world, education is essential and helping employees go back to school can be beneficial to both you and them. This perk is also beneficial to the business as well. Providing tuition reimbursement means you are eligible for a tax-deductible per employee. Offering tuition reimbursement encourages employees to pursue higher education while also easing up the burden of student loans. In the end, both the employer and employee benefit in various ways.

Company Discounts + Covering Costs

Many businesses receive discounts from different restaurants and for services from other businesses. A great way to make your employees happy, is by extending these discounts to them. By doing so, there is a positive impact for your employees, as they get to save money on things that matter.

The following are some examples of discounts that can be given to employees:

  1. Restaurants: Many restaurants offer discounts to different businesses. When you go out with your team and eat lunch or dinner at a restaurant, ask if any of them have a discount for you. You might be surprised at how many restaurants have this type of system in place already.
  2. Cellphones: Cellphone companies often offer their employees special rates on cellphones and plans. Again, as an employer you can offer these discounts to your employees and their families. If you’re lucky enough to work at one of these companies,
  3. Entertainment: Entertainment like movies and amusement parks often offer discounted tickets through to employers. You can take advantage of this by offering it to your employees.

Another great perk a business can offer is helping with childcare costs. It’s important for businesses to show their employees that they care about them as people and not just workers. By offering help with childcare costs, it shows solidarity within the company and promotes loyalty among its workers. This is especially important if there are single parents in the workforce. These parents may need extra support while trying to juggle being a parent and working at the same time!

Paid Time Off

We have saved the best for last, offer your seasonal and part-time employees paid time off! Happy employees are productive employees. Organizations that want to support a happier workforce know it’s good for business. This is why it is important to offer flexible time off policies that add to the overall work-life balance. Turn your staff into a well-oiled machine by giving them adequate sick, personal and paid time off days!

How Can AUI Help you with Part-Time Employee Benefits?

We hope that these tips will help your business understand what types of part-time employee benefits you can offer. This will surely make your part-time and seasonal employees feel valued. Sometimes you can’t afford to give all of your workers full time status, but that doesn’t mean they should go without some benefits. And if you want to attract and retain a good workforce, you’ll likely need to offer benefits.

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