This year is going to bring a great deal of changes to the Affordable Care Act. While Congress and the President are still trying to determine what ACA looks like employers are asking how they can prepare. Recently AUI hosted a webinar about this topic. If you would like a copy of this webinar, please contact us. In addition to the webinar our team is always available to answer questions and we will reach out to you when ACA changes need to be communicated.

In addition, our team is offering a new program to help you get your benefits house in order. Spring cleaning helps you consolidate benefit information, evaluate vendor relationships, and create a plan of action for the year ahead. Your AUI agent and our new Benefits Administration Liaison, Kristina Freed, work together to help you consolidate your information into one place and give you recommendations on how to streamline your benefits and administrative services. Having your benefits house in order is one more way to give you peace of mind in an uncertain landscape.

If you are interested in getting your benefit house in order, contact us today to set up your spring cleaning!