At AUI we strive to provide our clients with relevant information to ease their insurance, compliance, and HR headaches.  On top of our exclusive products and personally assigned customer service AUI has added another benefit free of charge to our group health clients.

AUI University sends content two times a month on different topics that impact your business in the key areas of benefits, human resources, and benefits compliance.  It has three specific goals:

  1. Educate you on key HR & benefit topics
  2. Build a reference library for your business
  3. Keep you up to date on key compliance requirements

In addition to print materials most months will also include a recorded webinar that will dive further into that month’s topic.  October included information on employer rules for Medicare and November we are talking about value added Wellness and Smoking Cessation programs available free of charge to all of our AUI group health clients.  These are topics we have covered in our free monthly webinars, however, this content dives further into detail with additional resources that allow our clients to build their own HR resource library.

In addition, AUI has launched the “Breakfast with Your Broker,” a quarterly event where clients can come together for additional education in a collaborative setting.  At AUI we want to make sure you feel supported.  From our dedicated customer service team to our value added resources we are a part of your team.  If you would like more information about AUI University and Breakfast with Your Broker, you can contact “Professor” Alice Rhodes.