AUI Gives Back – She Builds 2023 Wrap-Up

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She Builds 2023 crew helping the Hope & Healing Survivor Resource Center in Akron, OHio

Hope & Healing Center in Akron, Saturday, October 14th, 2023

The AUI team joined forces with She Builds 2023 to help to repaint at the Hope & Healing Survivor Resource Center in Akron.  The Hope & Healing Survivor Resource Center is an emergency shelter for women and children in Northeast, Ohio.

This year our team came together to freshen up the center with a fresh coat of paint.  We are so proud of the community service our team does in the community.  Thank you, Alice, Maria, Perry, Danielle, and Laraine, for donating your Saturday to service.

Would You Like to Get Involved with Rebuilding Together – She Builds? 

Since 1991 Rebuilding Together has been on a mission to repair, revitalize and rebuild our Northeast, Ohio community.  They have served hundreds of homeowners every single year.

Together with She Builds they can extend that service to nonprofit organizations in our community too.  Creating volunteer experiences for Corporate Volunteer Day, where you can bring your entire team to help on a project.  They also offer Skilled Volunteers opportunities where you can donate your time and your skilled labor to an important project in our community.

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