AUI Gives Back – Act #7 Chrissy Myers Service on the County of Summit ADM Board

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ADM Board pictured with Member Chrissy Myers to right.

The County of Summit ADM Board provides a person-centered approach to prevention, treatment, and recovery. As a board member Chrissy Myers was appointed to a four-year term which began in July 2018 and was reappointed to subsequent four-year term in 2022.  Today she serves as Board Member and Vice Chairperson.

Why did Chrissy Want to Serve on the County of Summit ADM Board?

Chrissy believes that serving the community is as important as doing business in the community.  When we invest our time and resources into making that community a better place to live and work, we lift everyone up.

Serving on the County of Summit ADM Board has been a calling for Chrissy personally.  As an advocate for mental health and wellness.  Chrissy has experienced firsthand the importance of having resources for those who are struggling with mental health as well as their families.

“Mental illnesses and alcohol and drug addiction disorders are very common. National estimates are that about one in five adults will experience a mental illness or addictive disorder at some point in their lives. Two out of every three Ohioans are impacted by a friend or family member with an addiction or mental illness.” – ADM Board

 Substance Abuse Community Based Resources:

In 2020 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that in Ohio, a drug overdose death rate of 47.2 per 100,000. Which is unfortunately above the national average of 28.3 people per 100,000. Today, the County of Summit ADM Board is working towards building an accessible resource for crisis help, and long-term recovery.  If you or someone you know if struggling with addition, call the addiction helpline: 330.940.1133

Mental Health Resources:

One in five adults will experience a mental health crisis in their lifetime.  If you know more than 4 other people, chances are you know someone who may be struggling.  Maybe that person is you.  The ADM Board provides support in our local community to help you on the road to a better tomorrow.  If you or someone you know needs support with their mental health, call the hotline: 330.434.9144

How Does the ADM Board Provide Resources in Summit County?

Chalk board with "Recovery Happens Here" arrow pointing to a QR code that takes you to the ADM Board HomepageThe ADM Board is committed to working alongside exceptional care sources who provide behavioral health services to Summit County residents. You can learn more about the County of Summit ADM Board HERE.

The ADM Board is responsible for planning, funding, monitoring and evaluating treatment, prevention and support services for people who experience substance use, and/or mental illness in Summit County.

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