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Recovery Rallies runner during the race

AUI and ClarityHR were happy to support our friends at the County of Summit ADM Board as a “Recovery Rallies” sponsor of the 11th Annual ADM Recovery Challenge.  On June 8th, of 2024, the 5k challenge offered fun competition for people of all ages and ability.  The course offered obstacles like winding through trees and jumping through tires and hills to represent the challenges of those in recovery.  It was an outstanding event, and we were proud to be a sponsor.

The event has past can I still donate for the Recovery Rally?

IF you would like to aid in the fundraiser you still can, donate today HERE.

About County of Summit ADM Board:

County of Summit ADM Board LogoThe County of Summit ADM Board provides a person-centered approach to prevention, treatment, and recovery. They offer help for both mental health and addition related services to anyone in need in Summit County Ohio.  From children and teens to older adults in need, the team of resource professionals at the ADM Board are dedicated to helping everyone in the community.

In Summit County, no one walks the recovery journey alone. Together with our partners, we will find a path for anyone who needs the services our system provides. Learn More HERE.

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