AUI Gives Back – Act #13 Sponsorship of the Ladies of Legacy Gala

50 Years 50 Acts of Serivce, AUI Gives Back

Stock photo of three young women representing the Legacy of Ladies Gala that we sponsored as part of our #50Years50Acts campaign

AUI was proud to sponsor the Limitless Ambition Ladies of Legacy Gala, April 20th, 2024 as part of our 50 Years 50 Acts campaign.  This amazing organization empower young women through teen programs.  Their Gala is one of their major fundraisers each year and supporting the next generation of women leaders is essential to better our community.

Ladies of Legacy Gala Event:

Table of lovely ladies at the Ladies of Legacy GalaThe Ladies of Legacy Gala is an extraordinary event.  One of the biggest highlights of the Limitless Ambition program.  It embodies the essence of our mission and vision To Dream-Believe-Achieve. Each year the Gala serves as a celebration of empowerment, resilience, and success. The community of young women we serve come together to celebrate the impact the program has on the community. The Gala allows Limitless Ambition to raise much needed funds to expand the program and increase awareness of the important things they are doing in our community.

About Limitless Ambition

Founded in 2013 Limitless Ambition is a 501c3 non-profit organization that serves the Akron and Cleveland regions in Ohio.  Focused on enrichment programs for young women, to help girls live their best lives through empower events. 

Limitless Ambition is an organization that is built and led by women in our Northeast Ohio community.  They provide resources, training, and support to young women to help them reach their potential.

How to Support the Ladies of Legacy Gala and other programs with Limitless Ambition:

Limitless Ambition Quote: "Limitless Ambition, Inc. works with young women to overcome the boundaries to their success. We preserve and promote the visions of young girls and women who may have been discouraged from pursuing their long-term goals. By providing resources, training, and support, we assist these women in developing limitless ambitions."There are several ways that you can get involved with this incredible organization.  If you see a need in your community, you can bring Limitless Ambition to your School. They are also looking for organizational partners that share a similar mission to serve the Northeast, Ohio community.   Learn more about partnership opportunities HERE.

Join the Pursuit of Purpose to Dream, Believe and Achieve:

The Limitless Ambition team has a goal of raising $316,000.00 to expand into more school communities in Northeast, Ohio.  They need partners like you to help them achieve their goal.  Consider partnering with this meaningful organization today to help young women in the communities that need the most support. Learn more about the Pursuit of Purpose HERE.

Donate to the Limitless Ambition Program:

If you are not sure how you or your organization can be involved directly, you can also donate to provide help in the areas most needed online.  As they say “so much good can come from you – because you believe in the young women females of our future.”

On of the many programs that need your support is through “Dream Kits” that are given to young girls in the foster care system in Northeast, Ohio.

Learn more about Donating to Limitless Ambition HERE.

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