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50 Years 50 Acts of Serivce, Blog

Jr Beta Club member accepting a check for $100 from AUI for 50Years50Acts of service

On our mission to do good and be good we are honored to support a chapter of the Beta Club.  As a chapter of the largest independent, non-profit, and educational youth organization in the USA, the Highland Beta Club continues to foster leadership and service.

Teaching our youth that service to others is part of being a leader in your own community is something the team at AUI can stand behind.  It is our privilege to support the future leaders of the Highland Beta Club. We cannot wait to see what you do in 2024.

What is the National Beta Club?

Mission: Let Us Lead by Serving Others

The National Beta Club is a youth organization in America dedicated to leading, by serving others.  Their four pillars are the perfect summation of the core values of achievement, character, leadership, and service. Their mission is to foster leadership skills through serving the community.

Learn More About the National Beta Club HERE.

Read more about our 50 years with 50 acts of service campaign on our blog HERE.

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