At AUI we strive to provide our clients with relevant information to ease their insurance, compliance, and HR headaches.  On top of our exclusive products and personally assigned customer service AUI has added another benefit free of charge to our group health clients.
Over the past few months we have been piloting a program to bring our clients exclusive content on key topics in health benefits and human resources entitled “AUI University.”  We are happy to say that this pilot will be continuing as a program for all current health clients!
AUI University sends content two times a month on different topics that impact your business in the key areas of benefits, human resources, and benefits compliance.  It has three specific goals:

  1. Educate you on key HR & benefit topics
  2. Build a reference library for your business
  3. Keep you up to date on key compliance requirements

In addition to print materials most months will also include a recorded webinar that will dive further into that month’s topic.  October includes information on how to prepare yourself ahead of time for a Department of Labor audit.  This is a topic we have covered in our free monthly webinars, however, this content dives further into detail with additional resources that allow you to prepare.  In addition, this content can be saved and reviewed when you need it!
If you would like more information about AUI University, you can contact “Professor” Alice Rhodes.