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2024 marks an incredibly special milestone for AUI: 50 years of business in our community.  To celebrate we are committing to completing fifty acts of service to celebrate our fifty years in business and show appreciation to the Northeast Ohio community who is responsible for our success.  We cannot think of a better way to say thank you for supporting our success than to show our appreciation and kindness to our community through service.

Serving is Just as Important as Doing.

We seek to make our world better each day not just through the insurance we sell and the consulting we do but also through acts of service and collaborative partnerships. This is our core value of community.  We believe serving the community is just as important as doing business in the community.

AUI Gives Back (#AUIGivesBack) began as a way to celebrate the work we were doing as a business and highlight the work our team members were doing on their own.  We believe that service makes meaningful change in the world.  If one act from AUI can change the trajectory of one family or one person so that they can live a more empowered life, we have created a ripple in the world that makes our community better.

How AUI Gives Back is a Team Effort.

AUI selects from projects and community events that their team members bring to the forefront.  Our team members have a passion for service and it is a gift to have people care for the community as much as our leadership does.

At the beginning AUI Give’s Back inception the majority of the projects and ideas came from our CEO, Chrissy Myers.  Over time our team members became the driver for community engagement.  Today, AUI Gives Back is an effort from the entire team.  We would not have it any other way!  Our team members track their own personal service hours and the individual with the most volunteer hours gets a $1,000 donation to the charity of their choice as the AUI Gives Back & Clarity Cares Volunteer of the Year.  Last year our team members had over 1,300 hours in service to the community.

How Do You Choose Organizations to Partner with in Northeast Ohio?

Choosing an act of service is a team effort.  Individuals can nominate projects or organizations for time, talent or treasure support.  Our team talks about what we want to do, who we want to support and how we can leverage our efforts to maximize our impact.  Our service is another extension of who we are as an organization.

Our philanthropy has diversity but we do have three major initiatives we support: mental health & substance use, workforce and families.  We support workforce initiatives through Goodwill Industries of Northeast Ohio and Jobs for Ohio Graduates.  Our organization is a distribution partner for Summit County Community Partnership’s Safe Drug Disposal program.  In addition we support the All American Soap Box Derby and She Builds with Rebuilding Together of Northeast Ohio.

When supporting fundraising, we make sure that it’s an organization that our team can love and support.  In many cases our fundraising choices are personally brought forward by our team members.

Awareness Walks and Fundraisers:

AUI supports our employees’ efforts to raise money and awareness for several different walks, golf outings and more.  One of our team members created a team for Stewart’s Caring Place Annual Walk. Stewarts Caring Place is a wonderful local organization helping people with cancer in our community. AUI Gives Back was able to contribute to her team and that money went directly to people in our Northeast Ohio community.

Non-Profit Organizations:

Another AUI Team Member volunteers with Breaking Chains Ministry.  This organization targets the homeless and veterans in Summit County.  What a great service to the community. What a great organization helping the most vulnerable. Other team members volunteer their time in board service.  AUI Team Members serve on five different governing boards throughout Northeast Ohio.

Rebuild Together Northeast Ohio – She Builds.

For our CEO Chrissy Myers, Rebuilding Together of Northeast Ohio is an organization that is close to her heart. Over the past few years AUI has sponsored a program through Rebuilding Together called She Builds. This program empowers women to be able to learn to do those basic repairs in their homes so that they are no longer saddled with the financial burden of basic home repairs and maintenance.

Here is Chrissy’s story:

“I remember when I was a single mom, it was almost Christmas and our furnace broke, and I was sitting in our basement with a wrench and a bucket because the only thing I could do was drain the heater so it would stay on. And I had to keep the furnace running for three days until someone could come and fix it. Having an organization that teaches you how to do those things as a single woman, as a single mom, is super empowering because it gives you back the ability to care for your family. And so for me, it’s finding organizations that don’t just care for one thing or one person. They care for the whole community, but they change lives one individual, one family at a time. That is why we are passionate about organizations like Rebuilding Together and She Builds.”

Fifty Years, Fifty Acts:

In 2024 we are committed to fifty acts of service to celebrate 50 years of business in Northeast Ohio. Each week we will share something that we do tagging the posts with the hashtag #50Years50Acts. You can follow us this year as we dedicate our efforts to making Northeast Ohio the best place to live and work.

If you have an event, you would like us to participate in, or a cause you would like us to support, contact us today! We love supporting locals!

We do more than cover small businesses and individuals with the right insurance policies and benefit plans – what motivates our team is helping you save more so you can invest more in your team, family, and goals.

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