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Community means everything.  When you have a community that truly cares about the people that live, work, and grow it makes a big difference.  When we come together to celebrate our accomplishments when we win, and we support one another in our darkest times matters.  Everyone is bigger and better than their worst mistakes and darkest hour.  We need each other to get through hard things.  AUI cares.

Ohio Mental Health and Addiction Services The Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services provides statewide leadership in mental health and addiction prevention, treatment, and recovery to all Ohioans. They strive to end suffering from mental illness, substance use disorders, and problem gambling for Ohioans of all ages, their families, and communities. OhioMHAS regulates over 2,000 mental health and addiction services providers statewide.  With a goal to protect the rights of those served by these organizations.

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The County of Summit ADM Board and its partners provide local resources for those struggling with mental health or substance use disorders. In addition to treatment, many of our partner agencies offer prevention services. Trainings, such as Mental Health First Aid, can provide staff with the tools they may need to recognize and support others who are struggling with their mental health.

For more information on the ADM Board’s partner agencies and their services, visit


Resources for Organizations

Victim Assistance Program "Get Help Now" 330.376.0040

Victim Assistance Program (VAP) works directly with families and individuals who are impacted by crisis, violence, and tragedy in our community. In addition to their family or individual support services, VAP has developed programs, supports, and trainings that focus on how to help groups and organizations as well.



  • Group Crisis Intervention: Advocates respond to on-scene crisis for any group, whether in a place of business, a school, a medical setting, etc. VAP performs group intervention sessions for large groups, or large groups can be broken into smaller groups based on exposure level to trauma. VAP provides coping strategies, validation of traumatic experience, safety planning, preparation for continued crisis, and appropriate referrals for ongoing community resources.
  • Individual Crisis Intervention: Advocates are available 24/7/365 via the VAP hotline at 330-376-0040. Services are similar to those outlined for groups, but for individuals, they include personalized needs assessments, victim rights education, court accompaniment, and assistance in filing court protection service applications.
  • Customized Corporate Trainings on Trauma-Informed Supervision and Strategies: VAP offers a Summit Victim Assistance Academy, which provides customized trainings for businesses or organizations looking to equip and empower staff in handling a crisis in the workplace as well as individual staff crisis. Topics include:
    • Crisis Intervention
    • Death notification
    • Compassion fatigue
    • Burnout prevention
    • Trauma-informed care
    • Vicarious trauma
    • Intimate partner violence
    • Sexual violence
    • Survivors of Homicide Victims

Contact the Director of Educational Service or Supervisor of Crisis Services at 330-376-0040 for more information on these and other programs.

Logo for Coleman Health Services

Coleman Health Services offers a variety of support for corporate and non-profit organizations. Resources include:



  • On-site Corporate Behavioral Healthcare Support: Consultants are available at a number of corporate organizations throughout NEO. The consultant supports Human Resources to coach, support, and assist with employee assistance programs, experiential therapy, and corporate wellness initiatives.
  • Education and Wellness Programs: Coleman supports organizations of all sizes with educational and wellness initiatives with programs such as Leadership Training, Organizational Town Hall Meetings, and Lunch and Learns.
  • Case Management Services: Case Managers work with employees to navigate issues that affect work/life balance, including areas such as childcare, transportation, and mental health concerns.
  • Customized Programming for Non-Profit Organizations: Coleman’s Leadership Team develops and supports programming for community outreach and prevention services in special populations with mental health needs.

Keri Deyling, Chief Officer and Director of Integrated Care, can be reached at 330-317-4968 or for more information.


Logo for Coleman Health Services

Mental Health Resources

The following list contains local resources for a wide variety of mental health needs and support. While this is not an exhaustive list, these resources are intended to provide a diverse range of supports.

  • 988
  • Blick Center (
  • Child Guidance and Family Solutions (
  • Coleman Health Services (
  • Community Support Services (
  • Greenleaf (
  • Minority Behavioral Health Group (
  • OhioGuidestone (
  • Portage Path Behavioral Health (
  • Red Oak Behavioral Health (
  • Summit Psychological Associates (


Head with all the different substances abused by people

Addiction Services



  • ADM Crisis Center/Oriana House Detox: (
  • Akron Urban Minority Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Outreach Program (UMADAOP): (
  • ARC Recovery Services
  • Community Health Center: (
  • IBH Addiction Recovery: (
  • Oriana House: (

The word "Victims" encircled by a torn whole in paper

Additional Resources



  • Victim Assistance Program: (
  • Asian Services in Action: (
  • Alliance for Healthy Youth: (
  • Catholic Charities: (
  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services America (SAMHSA): (


Reading/Resources for Consideration

This list of online reading resources included great support for leaders who are looking for suggestions, advice, or examples of how to lead during times of trauma.

Trauma Resources

Mental Health Assessments

Workplace-Related Resources

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