5 Steps for Healthcare Benefits Engagement


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It is true that Business owners only think about open enrollment for health insurance a few times a year. For employees thinking about benefits engagement might be even less often. It is unfortunate because you may not be maximizing your health insurance benefits. It is vital to make sure that employees understand their healthcare benefits and as a business owner, it is important to have feedback from your team to assess the success of your healthcare benefit program.

Today, it is important to touch on benefits throughout the year. There are five ways to ensure employees are making the most of all their healthcare benefits.

text" 38% of all employees, and 48% of Generation Z, don't believe their current benefits adequately reduce their stress." a quote from MetLife

Business Owners Should Develop a Plan for Monitoring Healthcare Benefits.

Did you know that benefits or lack thereof, can cause a lot of stress to your employees?  As a business owner, it is important to make sure your employees are taking full advantage of the benefits that you offer.

Your benefits communications should gear towards a clear goal. The goal may be to reduce employee questions during open enrollment. Or you may want to make sure that your employee’s providers are in your healthcare plan. A survey will help employees to figure out their top questions about their benefits. The survey will also help employers know if their healthcare benefits hit the mark.

Ask Relevant Healthcare Questions

Make sure that the questions you ask pertain to your healthcare benefits. Be specific with your questions. Make sure that your employees have an open-door policy to share issues. Your benefits team will want to know if there are restrictions with the policy you have chosen.

Target-Specific Messaging About Your Benefits

All your messaging should get straight to the point. Employees can get tired of seeing the same information over and over. If your communications go on and on, employees will lose interest.

The Basic Message Formula Should Be:

Not everyone retains information in the same way. Make sure you are communicating through different mediums to your team.

  • The pitch: “Here’s something you may not know about your benefits.”
  • The why: “This is why it’s important to you.”
  • Call to action: “Here’s what you should do to learn more about this information.”
  • Communication is Key

Consider the following:

  • mailing print flyers
  • sending mass emails
  • posting videos on an intranet site
  • tacking up posters
  • in-person conversations

The idea is to get your message out through every channel available.

Schedule Important Messaging Throughout the Year

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Know when to send communications throughout the year. At AUI we recommend setting up a communication calendar. Think about important dates, and schedule messaging for those instances. Having a calendar will help you to check in with your team about your healthcare benefits.

Our team at Associated Underwriters Insurance is an extension of your team. leverage our experts to help you get the most out of your benefits. Need help with benefits engagement for your team? Contact us today for more information.

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