The annual Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) survey, which provides a look into employer-sponsored health coverage trends, has been published. The 2016 survey featured approximately 1,900 interviews with non-federal public and private firms.

Key Statistics

Over the past five years alone, the average family premium has increased 20 percent. In 2016, the average family premium cost was $1,512 per month or $18,142 per year—a 3 percent increase from 2015.
The survey found that covered workers, on average, contribute about 30 percent of the premium for family coverage (18 percent for single coverage), or about $440 ($94) per month. In these cases, employers typically cover the rest of the premium cost, which can be a significant amount.
These findings reflect what is already known: The cost of health care continues to rise.
Full Survey Results
A full, downloadable version of this survey, which features these statistics and many more, will be released in the near future.