A Trusted Local Partner for Employee Health Plans

As the cost and complexity of business health insurance continues to increase, it’s more challenging than ever for Ohio business leaders to find a company healthcare plan that’s both valuable and affordable.

As an independent, licensed employee insurance and benefits agency, AUI and our brokers work on behalf of Ohio businesses, offering you access to a wide range of

  • Insurance carriers
  • Fully insured and self-funded products and plan types
  • Local healthcare provider networks

When you choose AUI, you get a trusted local partner who can lead your search for business medical insurance that meets your needs, is helpful to your employees, and fits your budget. We even have access to plans that are exclusive to AUI.

Ongoing Business Health Insurance Service & Support

AUI delivers value through not only medical insurance for company employees, but also personal, Ohio-based service and support. Our team of experts is available to you all year because our job does not begin and end with plan renewal.

We save you time and decrease your risk by securely handling employee health plan onboarding and offboarding, safeguarding their personal information online, over the phone, and in person.

Plus, we keep you updated about changes to the employer health insurance industry. When it comes to medical insurance for company employees, we run ahead of the curve, providing you with expert advice on how to prepare for your future with employer health insurance.

Transition From Employee Health Plans to Individual Plans

Sometimes offering health insurance through your business is no longer the right fit. We are always here to help you weigh your options and make sound insurance decisions, even if that means non-renewal.

At AUI, we specialize in transitions from group to individual health coverage, helping employees find the right plan for their family and budget. Our brokers can also guide individuals on their eligibility for subsidies in Federally Facilitated Marketplace (Healthcare.gov). Groups that choose to offer this type of benefits insurance receive the same attention and guidance as those in traditional group plans.

Contact us today for detailed quoting, comprehensive analysis, and a simple explanation of plans.

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