Tired of the high costs and restrictions of the Affordable Care Act? AUI has specialized MEWA plans that get you out of the ACA headache.  These plans are medically underwritten and may cost you significantly less than current ACA rates.

AUI Offers the Following MEWA Plans:

  • COSE Health & Welfare Trust (Medical Mutual)
  • SOCA Health Benefits Plan (Anthem)
  • GAC Chamber Health Benefit Plan (SummaCare)
  • Canton Regional Chamber Health Fund (Aultcare)
  • Ohio Chamber Health Benefit Program (UnitedHealthcare)
  • Ohio State Medical Association Health Benefits Plan
  • Ohio Farm Bureau Health Benefits Plan

Do you have a grandmothered or grandfathered plan? MEWA plans may also lower your rates and you can enter these plans before your regularly scheduled renewal.

Why wait to save money?

Do you want to win the war on talent?  Having benefits that compete with larger corporations will make you stand out.  AUI specializes in small business plans that can give you an edge against large employers.  Your business is a big deal and we are here to help you.

From Farm to Fork, AUI offers a plan for groups with 1-99 employees through the Ohio Farm Bureau.

Ohio Sate Medical Association members with practices from 1-99 can enroll in the OSMA Health Benefits Plan.

To Learn More About These Plans, Request an Appointment Today.