Business Voluntary Products2020-05-04T16:33:27-05:00

Are you looking for ways to increase the strength of your benefits package without increasing your budget?  AUI has the answer to business voluntary products (or supplemental).

Businesses love voluntary because:

  • Adds benefits without adding cost
  • Gives employees choices they may not have on their own
  • Strengthens an employer benefit package
  • Sets employers apart from their competitors
  • Employees see it as a reason to stay
  • Implementation is easy

Employees love voluntary because:

  • Easily paid with a payroll deduction
  • Gives access to a broad array of options
  • Often is a lower cost than finding coverage on their own
  • Coverage may be portable

AUI offers a wide variety of voluntary products from many carriers.  In addition, we can take the time to enroll your employees and keep you out of their decision-making process.

We make implementation easy.

So how do you know if supplemental benefits would be a fit for your organization?

AUI can assist you with choosing and coordinating your supplemental benefits to give you and your employees the best value possible.

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