Let’s be honest: there are a lot of insurance agents out there.  Finding the right agency that meets your needs is important.  You don’t just want someone who will sell you a product and see you at renewal time; you need an advocate who can assist you with problems and help you set a course for maintaining cost effective benefits.

At AUI, we take pride in the work we do for our customers.  Here are three short reasons why you need AUI’s team of experts.

  • AUI Gives You Smart Choices

     – There are hundreds of available insurance options.  We can help you find the right plan for your unique needs.

     – Every AUI Licensed Insurance Expert is up to date on the new laws affecting your business.

     – AUI offers specialized products that are the right fit for your company and your family.  From self-funding to individual marketplace plans our team can help you.

  • AUI Services Your Claims and Helps Solve Your Problems

     – We do not sell you a product and then disappear.  We work with you side-by-side when you file claims or face new challenges.

     – Every AUI customer is assigned a dedicated Customer Service Representative and Licensed Insurance Expert.

     – Our experience, expertise, and relationships with health insurance carriers mean we can resolve problems quickly.

  • AUI Helps You Manage Human Resources Issues

     – Our team can help with day-to-day consultation and long-term guidance on health care benefit and compliance issues.

     – For small employers, AUI acts as a human resources department in advising employees on their health care benefits.

Let us help you with your insurance needs.  Contact us today.

Chris Johnston

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