This post is a supplement to our webinar Surviving ACA: Self-Funding Options.  If you would like more information from this webinar, please contact us by clicking here.

One of the greatest assets offered by self-funding is the complete freedom to structure benefits according to the needs of your company.  Employers can choose what benefits they want to offer, while opting to insure individual benefits through traditional means or forgo offering them altogether.

The fallowing benefits may be self-insured:

  • Health care (indemnity, PPO, POS, and HMO)
  • Dental
  • Short-Term disability
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Vision Care

Employers can also make the final call on important variables, such as:

  • Eligibility
  • Exclusions
  • Cost-sharing
  • Policy Limits
  • Retiree Benefits

Employers are free to administer benefits themselves if they have the resources, or to retain a third-party administrator at a fraction of the cost of a traditional benefits provider.

Most advantageous to employers worried about the potential for large claims is the ability to acquire stopgap insurance, allowing managers to determine their total amount of yearly costs with 100 percent certainty.

AUI welcomes the opportunity to help your organization examine its plan designs and make recommendations for improvement.  For more information and a free consultation, please contact us by clicking here.

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