The Great American Smokeout is here!  You likely know that smoking is dangerous for your health, and can cause many diseases and serious health conditions, but did you know that you are putting your loved ones at risk as well?

Secondhand Smoke

Secondhand smoke has two forms: the smoke that is exhaled by a smoker and the smoke from a burning cigarette, cigar or pipe. Anyone breathing in any type of smoke is taking in the same dangerous chemicals and toxins as the person who is smoking.

Do you smoke in your home, in your car or at work? If so, you are endangering your friends, co-workers, pets and family members.

Health Risks

Secondhand smoke can cause a variety of health conditions and diseases, including:

  • Heart disease
  • Lung cancer
  • Asthma
  • Middle ear infections in children
  • Chest discomfort, coughing and trouble breathing
  • Pneumonia and bronchitis, especially in children
  • Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)

Surgeon General Report

The U.S. Surgeon General conducted a report on the effects of secondhand smoke. Here are some of the key findings:

  • Secondhand smoke causes premature death and disease in children and adults who do not smoke.
  • Children exposed to secondhand smoke are at an increased risk for many respiratory conditions and ear problems.
  • There is no safe exposure level to secondhand smoke.
  • Secondhand smoke immediately affects heart and blood circulation in a harmful way.
  • Despite the increasing limitations on smoking in public places, millions are still exposed to secondhand smoke in their homes and workplaces.
  • The only way to prevent secondhand smoke exposure is to prohibit all smoking in that building. Walls and ventilation systems do not prevent secondhand smoke exposure for nonsmokers.

Why Quit?

If you’re looking for motivation to quit for good, do it for your loved ones. You can improve and protect their health along with your own.

AUI has smoking cessation resources for employers!  If you would like to learn more about how we can help you, please contact us!

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