If you have been waiting to enroll in the Health Insurance Marketplace for Open Enrollment your wait is finally over.  For some there are significant changes this year including the elimination of plans and carriers from the Federal Exchange.  Carriers such as Medical Mutual have made significant changes to their carrier network while Anthem has left the market almost entirely.  In addition, Oscar Health is a new player to the individual marketplace in our region and the only carrier in Northeast Ohio with the Cleveland Clinic in its individual insurance network.  It is now more important than ever to understand your options.

Here are a few things you need to know for 2018 Open Enrollment:

Sole Proprietors Have an Alternative

If you are self-employed without any employees it has been a while since a plan was offered to you outside of the individual insurance market.  The COSE Health & Wellness Trust is an available option for sole proprietors who qualify.  This product is medically underwritten and may save you money if you are in a current ACA plan.  In addition, the COSE Health & Wellness Trust uses Medical Mutual of Ohio (MMO) as the network provider.  To learn more about this option, contact us!

Know How to Navigate Narrow Networks

If you decide to stay in or enter the Federally Facilitated Marketplace understanding your network options is important.  Most carriers offer a different network within healthcare.gov which is different from their group and MEWA plans.  The best way to ensure that you choose a plan that includes your hospital of choice is to talk to an agent.  One place where this is extremely important is when you are selecting a plan that includes a pediatric hospital.  An AUI agent will be able to direct you to plans that will best serve you.  Sometimes this means we are not able to be your agent, but caring for your family is most important which is why we will still make the recommendation. Just contact us, helping people is what we do!

In addition, the cost of using an agent is already built into your insurance premium.  You can go alone and try to find the right plan for you or have an expert to guide you.  If you are interested in having an AUI agent help you understand your options, please contact us.

An AUI Agent at No Additional Cost

Open enrollment can be a stressful time for most…not to mention that we plop it in the middle of our major holidays…so having someone who can help you understand your insurance options is important.  The best part about using an AUI agent is that the cost of using an agent is already included in the cost of your insurance premium.  So you can spend the time finding options, or you can have an AUI agent help you for roughly the same cost for your insurance plan on your own.  Let us help you!

So as you continue to hear reminders from healthcare.gov that open enrollment has begun, take a minute to think about these key items and then contact us!

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