If your company does not offer or has decided to drop their benefits for 2016 you will want to take the opportunity to find coverage during annual open enrollment.

During open enrollment you can get quotes on all of the major carriers who provide benefits both on the exchange and off the exchange regardless of if you have a qualifying event.  In addition, AUI can help you determine if you qualify for a subsidy to lower your insurance costs on the exchange.

There are many things you will want to consider when making this decision.  Some on exchange policies do not have a wide network of doctors and hospitals.  In addition, premiums may be lower if you decide to opt out of the exchange and move into the private market.

An AUI expert can help you understand your options including networks, subsidy calculations, and plan design both in the private market and the exchange on healthcare.gov.

If you want coverage to be effective January 1, 2016 you must enroll in coverage by December 15, 2015.  Time is running out so contact us today and we can help get you covered.

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