It was a day for the dogs on Sunday September 11, 2016. Two Men and A Truck- Akron hosted a cardboard boat race at Portage Lakes with all proceeds going to One of A Kind Pets located in Akron, Ohio. The race was not the only entertainment and for the event, 97.5 WONE was there to provide the music and giveaways and One of A Kind Pets brought some of the dogs that are available for adoption as well. Event visitors could also play some volleyball or toss a Frisbee around on the sandy beach on the beautiful sunny day. Sassy Dog’s and their portable hotdog stand came out to support the dogs and provide some delicious food.  AUI was asked to sponsor a team to participate in the boat race and of course we could not say no!

Two Men and a Truck came up with four different chances to win an award: crowd favorite, most spirited team, best sink, and fastest boat. If your team one the fastest boat, you would receive a puppy play date from One of A Kind Pets.

Building a cardboard boat is a lot harder than it looks. Looking to the Internet for inspiration, we had to come up with a boat design that not only could float but also float holding five adults. Two Men and Truck provided the cardboard for everyone they also provided the rules of items that you could and couldn’t use when it came to your boat; only duck tape, glue and cardboard were the only items you could use. Once the frame of the boat was built it was time to start painting. We decided to turn our boat into The Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo and were going to dress up as the characters. From start to finish the boat took 2 weeks to build, 7 very large and thick sheets of cardboard, 4 large roles of duck tape, 2 bottles of glue, about a pint of paint, and 5 very enthusiastic and willing ladies who were willing to put in the time and effort to build and race the boat.

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Race day had arrived; excitement and nerves were in the air.  Boats and dogs were everywhere. In costumes and matching our boat, we were ready to race and to see how long the boat would last in the water.

(Left to Right: Erin Miller, Brooke Jenkins, Maggie McCort, Jessica Grant, and Kelly Loveless)

(Left to Right: Erin Miller, Brooke Jenkins, Maggie McCort, Jessica Grant, and Kelly Loveless)

The Rules of the race: Starting on the beach, carry your boat to the water and paddle out to the buoy, touch it, and then turn around and paddle back to the beach to your original starting point. Easy enough, right? Not so much.

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Along our voyage on Portage Lakes, we came across some obstacles. Getting stuck on the ground, running into other boats, and the inability to steer the boat are just a few. Even though we had some problems, there is no doubt that we had a blast. We were not the fastest boat out there but we had the most fun. Coming from our boat, all you heard was laughter with the occasional update from the front of the boat, “ We’re taking on water!”  Then the inevitable sink was happening. The front of the boat was half way under and the back of the boat was starting to give out. We had just made the turn and were almost half way back with the laughter still strong. As the boat flipped on its side, dumping the crew members, the laughter turned to screams and then right back to laughter. Even though we came in last place, we were the last boat to sink. Now all we had to do was get the boat back to the beach.










Team AUI did not win any of the awards, however that is okay because Sunday was a day for the dogs. We enjoyed the food, music, people and the dogs. A beautiful day supporting a local animal shelter like One of a Kind Pet Rescue was a great way to spend the day. A huge thank you to Two Men and A Truck- Akron for not only hosting the event, but also for inviting AUI to participate. We will have to wait and see what next year has in store for Team AUI.

AUI would like to thank it’s team: Erin Miller, Brooke Jenkins, Maggie McCort, Kelly Loveless, and AUI’s own Jessica Grant for all of their hard work through this process.  Congratulations ladies!

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