As health care costs continue to rise, so has the demand for supplemental benefits.  Since many employers find it increasingly difficult to provide a complete benefit package, supplemental benefits have become an ideal solution.  Employees benefit because they have a variety of insurance options available conveniently in one place, and often with lower premiums than individual policies they would have bought themselves.

Accident and tragedy are two things no employer wants to see impact an employee.  The financial strain of an accident, illness, or death can cause an employee to lack productivity or leave employment.  Disability products and life insurance not only give an employee peace of mind knowing they have financial support in the event of unforeseen circumstances, but they also give the employer peace of mind in knowing that they offer benefits to help protect their employees.

AUI has some additional posts on Short Term Disability (STD) and Long Term Disability (LTD.)  By clicking on the type of benefit you can access information on STD  and LTD .

If you would like to know about products AUI has for disability and life benefits, please contact us today by calling 1-800-671-7665 or by clicking here.

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