As health care costs continue to rise, so had the demand for supplemental benefits.  Expanding supplemental benefits is a way for an employer to attract and retain key employees without increasing their bottom line.  Implementation, communication, and showing support for supplemental products is key in making them work for an organization.  Showing support motivates workers to take notice and see the value for themselves and their families.

There are several steps an employer can take to make supplemental benefits work.  They are:

  • Examine the current benefits package with an AUI expert and determine which benefits are popular or not
  • Talk to employees to determine what benefits they would like to have offered
  • Determine what benefits are offered by your competitors and use it as a benchmark in your organization
  • Initiate an employee communications campaign to educate employees on what supplemental plans are offered and the benefits of electing them

AUI can make supplemental benefits work for you.  We can provide educational materials on voluntary benefits to you and your employees, and we can assist you with choosing and coordinating supplemental benefits to give you and your employees the best value possible.  Contact us today by clicking here or by calling us at 1-800-671-7665.

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