At some point it will most likely happen to you or one of your employees: identity theft.  The amount of time spent trying to clean up this type of violation can cost a company in lost productivity.  Offering identity theft protection as a supplemental benefit can help protect employees from this threat.  AUI offers coverage that can protect an employee from the major types of ID theft including:

  • Driver’s License ID Theft
  • Tax/Employment ID Theft
  • Medical ID Theft
  • Character/Criminal ID Theft
  • Financial ID Theft

Another supplemental benefit often overlooked is prepaid legal services.  This benefit allows you to talk to an attorney without being billed an hourly rate.  Some of the ways this product can be used are:

  • Updating a will
  • Advice concerning a divorce
  • Reviewing a lease agreement
  • You receive a traffic ticket
  • You need a living will or medical power of attorney

If you would like more information about these products, please contact our office by clicking here or by calling us at 1-800-671-7665.

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