After a summer of sleeping in and doing things on their own time, the morning alarm and school bell can be a tough transition for students going back to school, as well as their families.

The first day of school tends to be particularly hectic for kids of all ages, adjusting to a new classroom or schedule and trying to remember all the books and supplies they need. To help combat first-day stress, consider the following suggestions:

  • Pack backpacks the night before so no one is scrambling at the last minute looking for books and supplies. Also, have lunch packed or lunch money ready in advance.
  • Pick out or have your child pick out his or her clothes the night before. Doing so will help keep everyone on time while getting ready and prevent last-minute rushing in the morning.
  • Arrange a visit beforehand if your child will be going to a new school. Explore all the areas of the school and get a map to help direct your child on the first day.
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