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A well-designed employee handbook is an invaluable asset for a company to have. It can provide a communication gateway between management and employees concerning employer expectations, policies and company background.

In addition, a handbook provides a consistent guide for individuals to follow, minimizing discrimination and favoritism claims. Beyond that, the document is evidence, in the event that an employee charges the company with wrongful termination or discrimination, that the policies were clearly laid out and accessible for all to reference. A thorough employee handbook encompasses many sections and specific policies.

Listed here are the sections applicable to most organizations and what each section may include. However, it is important that you customize your handbook and include policies that are applicable to your business and its practices.


Employment Policies

Workplace Conduct

Employee Benefits

Time Away From Work

Information & Office Security

General Practices


Inside each of the above sections can be one to twenty additional subsections.  AUI provides a more detailed account of how to draft an employee handbook free to clients.  If you are an AUI client and would like this resource, please contact Chris Myers at cmyers@auiinfo.com  If you are new to AUI and would like to learn more about how AUI can help your business, please contact us to set up a free consultation.

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