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If you want to take charge of your health care and share similar religious beliefs, then MCS may be the solution for you!

MCS offers single, two-party, and family sharing plans that fit many needs.  With MCS cost sharing plans, you’ll get the health care coverage you and your family need, including a wide-range of benefits for when the unexpected occurs.  MCS plans are designed to work with any budget, offering a variety of personal responsibility options quality care benefits, and access to a large national network of physicians and specialists.

Most MCS Plans Include

  • Low Monthly Contributions
  • Physician Office Visits
  • Preventative Health Benefits
  • Large Physician Network
  • Generic Rx Benefits
  • $100 Annual Gym Membership
  • Wellness Benefits
  • Unlimited Virtual Office Visits

Virtual Office Visits:

MCS benefits allow unlimited no-cost virtual office visits with board-certified physicians 24 hours a day.  Doctors can diagnose and prescribe medication (if applicable) for:

  • Cold/Flu
  • Allergies
  • Pink Eye
  • Sore Throat
  • Rashes
  • And More


Medial Cost Sharing (MCS) is not insurance or an insurance company.  This program is a healthcare sharing program that facilitates Member to Member sharing for certain medical needs.  Each MCS Member is responsible for the payment of his or her own medical bills at all times.  Neither MCS or other Members guarantee of shall be liable for the payment of a Member’s medical bill.  MCS is not, and should never be construed as, a contract for insurance or a substitute for insurance.  There is no transfer of risk for any purpose from a Member to MCS from a Member to any other Member; nor is there a contract of indemnity between MCS and any Member or between the Members themselves.  AUI is not responsible for the payment of any medical costs or the payment of any costs associated with MCS on behalf of any participant.  Any person who utilizes AUI’s web links for enrollment into MCS assumes all responsibility and liability for their own medical cost sharing and understands that MCS is not an insurance product.

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